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11:06a, 02/09/09
Help! I need a cake delivered to my Aggie son in CS. Any ideas out there? TIA
11:11a, 02/09/09
Places like HEB/Walmart won't deliver.

Its a wedding site, but they list specialty cake places. I'm sure one of them will deliver.
11:48a, 02/09/09
Try Sweet Memories. My hubby ordered a cake and had it delivered for my birthday a few years ago and it was quite yummy! So yummy, in fact, that I make him do it almost every year now!

Sweet Memories
4001 E 29th Street
Bryan, TX 77802
(979) 268-2342
11:52a, 02/09/09
Love Fabulous Fare and they will deliver...
6:13p, 02/09/09
822 food Will deliver to almost anywhere. There is a fee, but it varies per order. 979 822 FOOD
7:42p, 02/09/09
Moss Bridge Farms make some of the best cakes that you will ever eat, and they will deliver to BCS. 272-8004 The Chocolate Lover's cake is awesome!
7:43p, 02/09/09
I will deliver it for you.. .let me know what you want... I know how important it is to have something from "home" when you're away and I would be happy to take care of that for you!
11:44p, 02/09/09
Look on the web for Party N Things. It's owned by a sweet lady in Nacogdoches but they have a lady here to does cakes for students. She's been doing it for years.
9:49a, 02/10/09
Thanks so much for all the helpful replies! A great option became available that I will take advantage of. Agmomoflots, thanks for your sweet offer to help. Wow, the power of Texags!
9:49a, 02/10/09
The dreaded dp!

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